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Growing your tolerance for happiness

The Weekly Seeker #12

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What’s your happiness tolerance?

How happy, joyful, or excited about life do you allow yourself to feel?

At what level of happiness do you start to get uncomfortable, and stop yourself?

We all have an inner glass ceiling when it comes to how happy, how fulfilled, how purposeful, how confident, how abundant we’ll allow ourselves to feel, and BE.

Once we hit up against it, this inner glass ceiling can prevent us from reaching higher and more expansive levels of happiness and abundance.

A classic example of how this works is the “money-in-money-out” paradigm (when it comes to financial abundance).

Some people are able to believe in themselves enough to manifest a certain amount of money into their bank account, whether through a regular paycheck, a bonus, a gift, or an unexpected influx.

But if those same people don’t believe they’re worthy of holding that much abundance… guess what happens to the money?

An out-of-the-blue financial emergency hits. The car breaks down and needs an expensive repair, or a forgotten bill is suddenly due.

So the money is wiped out. It flies OUT of the bank account even faster than it came IN… because there’s this underlying feeling of unworthiness about holding and having that money (i.e., you’ve hit up against your inner glass ceiling).

Something similar can happen with relationships.

You might manifest a wonderful, fun, fulfilling relationship… but then a part of you sabotages it somehow. Maybe this part of you can’t fully trust. Or this part of you forces you to run away, or become unavailable, or shut down, or become overly needy.

This part of you might be using an old coping mechanism to get you out of that relationship, because you’ve exceeded your tolerance for happiness and fulfillment.

So how do we get out of this dilemma?

How do we expand our capacity – our tolerance – for abundance, happiness, joy, love? For the goodness and richness of life?

This must be done one day at a time (to avoid shocking your system).

The first thing to explore is where you currently are, by asking: What level of happiness and abundance have you allowed yourself to have in your life so far?

Next, we can look at your patterns: In the past, when and how have you hit up against your tolerance for happiness? How have you postponed, sabotaged, or diminished your own happiness and abundance?

Then, we can examine where you’d like to be: What level of happiness would you prefer to experience NOW?

The ongoing practice is to notice, more keenly, when and how you hit up against your inner glass ceiling.

You’ll know this is happening when you start to feel uncomfortable or uneasy with the level of abundance, happiness, love, or joy you are manifesting in your life.

Another symptom of hitting up against your tolerance for happiness is that you’ll feel guilty about being happy. (Or happi-er than you were before.)

But the message today is this: you’re not here on this planet to suffer, to live only halfway, to have just enough.

You’re here to manifest your desires, to become the fullest version of YOU – the fullest expression of Divine Source through You.

Give yourself permission to go for it and to experience joy. It’s your birthright!

With love, your friend,

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