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Healing can be messy and mysterious (it’s not linear)

The Weekly Seeker #22

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Teaching my Akashic Records Certification Program this week…

… I was reminded of an important, powerful truth (that we sometimes forget):

Healing is not linear.

The healing journey can’t be predicted, organized, or planned in advance. It follows its own mysterious timing.

The process of healing often happens in circular, cyclical, messy, unexpected, even inconvenient ways.

Healing can sometimes be uncomfortable and/or disorienting… especially as we’re asked (challenged) to shed old identities that no longer serve us, transmute old coping mechanisms that have been holding us back, and come face-to-face with our shadows.

None of this is easy.

Embarking on a deep healing journey – and staying the course, patiently and lovingly, no matter what comes up – requires your courage, self-compassion, and unconditional presence.

It’s not for the faint of heart. (Or for those seeking a quick fix.)

There are no shortcuts in genuine healing.

To truly heal, truly transform, truly shed what’s no longer serving you…

… you must FEEL.

You must feel all of your feelings, allow them the space and time to be, welcome them in, surrender yourself to them.

If you remain afraid of your own feelings – if you try to shove or push them away, ignore them, numb them, deny their existence – they will build and build internally, until they find a stronger way to be seen and heard. To be acknowledged.

Sometimes, feelings that have been ignored, numbed, or pushed aside for a long time will make themselves heard and acknowledged through the physical body – as aches, pains, cramps, or other physical discomforts or dysfunctions.

Sometimes, they will leak out as unintended, explosive reactions towards other (innocent) people, or towards yourself as self-directed rage, self-criticism, or self-sabotage.

Sometimes, we’re so busy trying to run away from our feelings that we exist purely in our heads – overthinking, overanalyzing, mentally overpreparing for everything.

The antidote to all of these patterns is to surrender, finally and fully, to your feelings and physical sensations.

Get out of your head and into your belly, into your heart, into your hips, into your hands, into your feet.

What sensations and feelings naturally arise when you’re NOT running, you’re NOT escaping, you’re NOT numbing, you’re NOT overthinking?

Where do you notice these feelings and sensations…

… and how can you surrender to them?

Surrendering to a feeling or sensation in your body means no longer fighting against it, no longer trying to prevent it, fix it, diminish it, or change it.

If you stay with it, if you give up trying to control it, if you give up trying to tightly control yourself… what does the feeling or sensation do?

Where does it go?

How does it change, organically, of its own volition?

You’re likely to find that, when you courageously surrender to a feeling or sensation – without judgment and without attempts to control or fix – your chest and stomach expand.

Your lungs expand, and you can take a deeper breath.

The fear of this feeling or sensation – whatever it is – dissipates.

Perhaps the feeling or sensation increases… perhaps it gets bigger… perhaps it builds to a peak…

… but then, naturally, it begins to move and flow and diminish. Because that’s what feelings and sensations do – when we allow them to be.

This week, I’m wishing you a wealth of self-compassion, patience, and courage on your healing path.

Your friend,

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2 thoughts on “Healing can be messy and mysterious (it’s not linear)”

  1. bababhuvaneshus

    Thank you for your honest exploration of the messy and mysterious nature of healing. Your words offer comfort and understanding to those on their own healing journey.

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