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Healing Imposter Syndrome Through the Akashic Records

Imposter syndrome is a psychological pattern where you doubt your own accomplishments, abilities, and gifts. This pattern is often associated with high achievers and perfectionists, who have exceptionally high standards for themselves.

Imposter syndrome can significantly affect your quality of life by making you feel insecure, incompetent, and inadequate compared to other people.

If you’re a healer or spiritual worker, imposter syndrome can keep you from taking important actions to grow your business, putting yourself out there, and feeling confident about the work you do.

Plus, it’s just really PAINFUL to walk around with this feeling of inadequacy hanging over your head — it’s like a dark cloud preventing you from seeing clearly or from fully experiencing happiness and joy.

In this post, I’ll cover the main symptoms or signs that you’re dealing with imposter syndrome. Then, I’ll talk about how this syndrome can affect your business as a healer or spiritual entrepreneur. Finally, I’ll go into how you can start to heal imposter syndrome and how the Akashic Records can help you do that.

Signs & symptoms of imposter syndrome

The main sign is the persistent belief that you’re inadequate IN SPITE of evidence to the contrary (i.e., external evidence of your success or talents). Other symptoms include:

  • chronic and debilitating self-doubt
  • difficulty fully OWNING and recognizing your gifts, worth, and success
  • intense fear of being exposed as a fraud — which means that you go to great lengths to prevent this (for example, by always giving way more than is expected or needed)
  • intense fear of failure
  • fear of making a mistake
  • hypervigilance to avoid sounding or looking “stupid”
  • lack of confidence in your skills and knowledge
  • stress, anxiety, and worry about social and professional interactions where you might be “exposed”
  • a disconnect between how others describe you (for example, as a high-achieving, successful person) and how you see yourself (as a fraud/someone who’s just “faking it”)

Imposter syndrome in your business

The repercussions of imposter syndrome in your business as a healer, coach, or spiritual entrepreneur can be really painful. They keep you from growing your business, becoming visible, and fully owning your gifts and power. Plus, they rob your work of joy, meaning, and satisfaction!

Here’s a detailed list of how imposter syndrome can show up in your work:

  • underpricing your services due to fear of not being able to deliver
  • persistent fear of your clients being dissatisfied with your work, even when you get glowing reviews
  • avoiding taking action that would make you more visible, like putting yourself out there through videos or interviews
  • avoiding worthwhile risks
  • constantly stressing about making a mistake
  • feeling anxious and insecure a lot of the time
  • obsessively replaying conversations, emails, and client sessions in your head to make sure you didn’t say or do something “stupid”
  • feeling incompetent or like a fraud when you look at other healers and spiritual teachers who seem to have it “all together”
  • obsessing about vanity metrics like Facebook or Instagram likes (and feeling depressed when you don’t get “enough”)
  • feeling like you’re constantly wearing a mask and fearing that this mask will be ripped off, exposing the “real you” (the you who is a fraud, a failure, or worthless)
  • avoiding sales calls, sales emails, or any other business growth activity where you have to risk rejection

Imposter syndrome as a form of resistance

There’s often an underlying CAUSE or PURPOSE to your beliefs and feelings that you’re not good enough.

This is because imposter syndrome is actually a FORM OF RESISTANCE — a pattern that keeps you from putting yourself out there or risking rejection.

In this way, imposter syndrome actually keeps you SAFE. So, as painful as it is, there’s a payoff to believing that you’re not good enough.

If you’re not good enough, then you don’t have to put yourself out there and you can stay hidden behind your desk (or website or social media platform or whatever else).

It’s no coincidence that imposter syndrome tends to get triggered most intensely when you’re doing something right on the EDGE or BEYOND your comfort zone, like doing a sales call or a Facebook Live.

The more you allow these false beliefs about yourself to control you, the smaller and smaller your world gets. This is part of the avoidance tactics (or coping mechanisms) commonly associated with imposter syndrome, which you use to AVOID becoming visible or getting into any situation where you *might* be exposed as a fraud.

Past life trauma and imposter syndrome as a protective mechanism

Often, working with affirmations, creating a list of your talents/abilities, or trying to believe what others are saying about you (that you’re competent and awesome!) just isn’t enough.

If you’ve tried to heal imposter syndrome for a while but it continues to show up in your life, you might need to dig a little deeper.

The thing is, imposter syndrome is sometimes a protective mechanism that was activated as the result of a past life experience. What does this mean?

Let’s say that you were a witch or healer in a past life (which is VERY common for people who are healers now). You were very good at what you did, you helped a ton of people, and you were totally empowered in this past lifetime. But let’s say that some authority figure — like a church, town officials, or any group that was threatened by your magic and power — banished, persecuted, rejected, punished, or killed you for doing your healing work.

In response to this trauma, you REACTIVELY made a number of unconscious decisions in that past life:

  • to give up your gifts
  • to give up your power
  • to disconnect from Divine Source
  • to never be fully intuitive again
  • to never be successful as a healer/witch/spiritual worker again
  • to always feel like you’re not good enough so that you will sabotage yourself as a healer and avoid attracting any attention/visibility for your gifts

Imposter syndrome and the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors associated with it can be fueled by these unconscious decisions you made in that traumatic past life.

Imposter syndrome and the Akashic Records

The good news is that past life contracts and unconscious agreements can be REVOKED in this lifetime, because you have the power of choice. You have free will. You’re awake and conscious now, so you can make different choices. (To learn more about past life contracts and how they work, you can read this: What Are Soul Contracts and How Do They Work?)

The Akashic Records are a powerful tool we can use to clear out these types of contracts and heal limiting patterns like imposter syndrome. The Records can help you by:

  • providing clear information about what happened in your past life experience that led you to make this type of unconscious contract or agreement
  • providing information about the PAYOFF or BENEFIT of making such a contract (i.e., information about how this contract, no matter how painful it is, has kept you safe)
  • showing you the SPECIFIC TERMS of your past life contract and how those terms are still influencing your life now
  • enabling you to clear out past life trauma
  • allowing you to revoke limiting contracts and create NEW contracts for what you actually want to experience now
  • enabling you to reclaim your full power as a healer in this lifetime

If you’ve been trained and already know how to work with your own Records, you can begin exploring all of this by opening your Records and asking 5 specific questions:

  1. If I have a past life contract of never feeling good enough, when and where did it originate?
  2. Why did I make this contract in the first place? What can you show me about the past life experience where I made this contract?
  3. Was there a lesson I needed to learn then? Did I learn it? If not, how can I learn it now?
  4. How has this contract kept me safe or prevented something WORSE from happening? (i.e., what’s the benefit of the contract)
  5. How can I let this contract go and reclaim my power and gifts NOW?

The most important part of this process is identifying the BENEFIT of your past life contract.

Until you figure out how this contract has kept you safe or benefitted you, you won’t be able to revoke it because your internal system will push against that and sabotage you. Your inner system — including your nervous and energy systems — must feel SAFE in order to make this kind of change.

If you try to revoke a contract without figuring out how it has been “helping” you, it will be impossible to let it go.

If you don’t know how to work with your Akashic Records yet, you can explore my Akashic Records Certification Program to get certified as a reader.

And, of course, if you need help healing imposter syndrome and clearing out past life contracts that might be getting in your way, you can request an Akashic Records Healing Session. I’d love to do this powerful work together and help you FULLY reclaim your gifts, magic, and confidence in this lifetime.

To your abundant success,

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2 thoughts on “Healing Imposter Syndrome Through the Akashic Records”

  1. I cannot explain this other than saying that I have always known that I was intuitive and a semblance of being empathic. I also now believe that there may be contracts to hide and conceal myself. Because I can never be myself. I am most definitely in need of guidance in healing the past and find what my true path is. I have had a few experience of warning of loved ones illness worsening and talking to my just deceased maternal grandmother. She told me not to worry and that everything will be fine.

    1. Josephine Hardman

      Hi, Kristi! Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences. Contracts can be very limiting and they can keep us in a state of hiding our true selves and our intuitive gifts. I hope you will be able to work through this and find a way to fully express yourself! Please reach out directly if you need individual guidance or help with this.

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