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How to Connect With Divine Energy: 4 Methods

A guide to learning how to connect with divine energy

Clients and students often ask me how to connect with divine energy.

Here, we’re defining divine energy as energy that originates directly from Divine Source. We might also call this the Universe, God, Goddess, or all-that-is.

Even if you sometimes don’t feel it, divine energy is consistently and abundantly running through all things. This energy is always all around you.

All creations, ideas, inspirations, and thought-forms (which then become actual things in the world) arise out of this divine, creative energy.

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Benefits of Regularly Tapping into Divine Energy

Divine energy is a potent, high-frequency, healing, and abundant energy.

Tapping into it regularly helps you stay connected to your soul purpose, clears out resistance and blocks, and helps you create more meaning and depth in your life. This energy can also sustain you in terms of physical health and balance, emotional well-being, and spiritual growth.

You can tell you’re connected to divine energy when you:

  • feel expansive, unconditionally loving (and loved), free, open, and not tied down to physical reality
  • have a sudden flash of insight or powerful awareness about how to solve a problem in your life (i.e., an aha moment or lightbulb moment)
  • feel safe and good in your body
  • stop overthinking and overanalyzing
  • fully step into the present moment without attachments to past or future
  • have an exciting and juicy creative idea or inspiration
  • feel a sense of gratitude for everything you have and everything you’ve experienced, including challenges or difficult situations

So, having a regular spiritual practice where you intentionally connect to this energy is really important.

How to Connect with Divine Energy: 4 Methods

Method #1: Dropping down into your heart

Your head is the home of your rational mind and ego mind. As such, the head is where you get caught up in overthinking and overanalyzing, self-judgment, regretting the past, worrying about the future, and censoring your own creativity and intuition.

In contrast, your heart is the home of your spirit. It’s also the home of your divine mind. You carry a powerful light inside your heart, and this light connects you to divine energy. It’s made of divine energy.

So, a useful method for how to connect with divine energy is to intentionally drop down from your head into your heart.

I like to do this through an “elevator” visualization. I visualize that I shrink myself down until I’m really, really tiny. Then, I step into my mouth. Inside my mouth, I visualize a tiny elevator. This elevator only has one button, and that button reads heart.

Tiny me pushes that tiny button and I go down the elevator into my heart.

Once I’m there, I look around the landscape of my heart space to see what’s there. You can explore this more deeply by asking questions like:

  • What does the landscape of my heart look like?
  • What’s the temperature there? (hot, warm, cool, icy, frozen, etc)
  • Am I outdoors or indoors when I’m in my heart? (you might see a natural landscape or you might be inside of a building)
  • What emotions are present here?
  • What does my heart need at this time?

Dropping down into your heart short-circuits the tendency to overthink, rationalize, suppress your intuition, or disconnect from Divine Source as you get caught up in human reality.

You’ll know you’re in your heart when you feel expansion, love, self-compassion, and stillness.

Method #2: Using physical tools 

Physical tools can be really helpful when you are learning how to connect with divine energy. These tools might include:

  • Tarot decks
  • Oracle card decks
  • crystals (or crystal jewelry)
  • runes
  • a pendulum
  • candles

Of course, none of these physical tools are required to get in touch with the divine. But they can definitely help, especially as you start out on the spiritual path or if you’re looking to deepen your practice by trying something new.

For example, the simple act of lighting a candle, getting centered, and pulling a Tarot card for yourself on a daily basis can help you stay connected to the flow of divine energy.

Method #3: Through the Akashic Records

As a vast storehouse of information on your soul’s evolution, the Akashic Records are a powerful non-physical tool for how to connect with divine energy.

The Records are actually held and made out of this divine energy, so they can give you direct access to it.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Records, you can read more about them and explore my Akashic Records Level 1 Course here.

Method #4: Crown chakra visualization

The crown chakra, at the top of or slightly above your head, is the energetic point where you connect most strongly to Divine Source energy.

Keeping this energy center open and balanced is really important to stay connected to something bigger and wiser than your human self.

You can visualize your crown chakra as an open cup – like the image on the traditional Ace of Cups if you work with the Tarot.

When you get stuck in your head or disconnect from Divine Source for whatever reason, your crown chakra “wilts” down and closes up. This makes it impossible for you to receive higher-frequency guidance, support, and light. It also makes it impossible to hear or connect with your Guides.

A crown chakra visualization can help in opening things back up. You can visualize the crown chakra as that closed cup, unable to receive, and then intentionally see it opening up again.

You can also invoke a radiant beam of light directly from Divine Source to move into your crown chakra. Ask that light to heal, balance, and clear out any blocks or self-imposed limitations. Breathe deeply as you notice or feel the crown chakra opening up again, like a sunflower turning to face the sun.

This visualization will help you open your crown so you can continually receive the flow of divine energy.

If you try any of these methods, while trying to learn how to connect with divine energy, please let me know below how they work for you! And also let me know if you use other methods to connect – I’d love to hear your experiences.

With love,

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