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Inner Work 028: What is inner work and how does it benefit you?

Inner work can be defined in many different ways, but it generally refers to a category of personal work that takes into account our inner landscape, emotions, thoughts, psychology, and beliefs. Inner work requires a certain level of self-awareness and must be practiced persistently to yield transformative results. In this episode (the first under the podcast’s new name!), I explore the role of inner work in personal and spiritual development. Thank you for joining me for this conversation!

Episode highlights:

  • What is inner work?
  • When do you need to do inner work?
  • When do you NOT need to do inner work?
  • How do you actually do inner work? What are some user-friendly forms of inner work?
  • When do you need an inner work ally (i.e. therapist, counselor, coach, healer)?
  • When does inner work become a distraction or an escape from daily life? How can you avoid this?

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A good article on inner work as a selfless pursuit: Doing the Inner Work for the Work in a Suffering World by M. Chopra

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