Inner Work 039: The Akashic Records as a Guide to Your Soul’s Journey

Join me for an informative discussion on the Akashic Records, featuring the following topics:

  • what are the Akashic Records?

  • how can we access them?

  • what light and energy beings work within the Akashic Records?

  • how can we use the Records to heal ourselves?

  • what type of information comes through, and how does it appear?

  • what does a typical Akashic Record reading look like?

To explore the work of Linda Howe on the Records, check out her books:

How to Read the Akashic Records

Healing Through the Akashic Records

2 thoughts on “Inner Work 039: The Akashic Records as a Guide to Your Soul’s Journey”

    1. Josephine Hardman

      Hi Annette! Thank you so much for your question. I cover all the information that’s needed (including the Akashic Records Portal Prayer to create a doorway into the Records) in my in-depth Akashic Records training program. If you want to start practicing how to open and enter the energy field of the Records, you can set a clear intention to do so (such as “Dear Universe/God/Spirit Guides, I am ready to enter the energy field of my Akashic Records. Please help me do so now”) and then do a 10 or 15-minute meditation. That’s typically the first step to working with your own Records.

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