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Inner Work 084: Making Yourself Magnetic to Your Ideal Clients

Are you a healer or spiritual entrepreneur trying to grow your business and get more clients? This episode is for you if you’ve connected to your Divine Mission and that Mission includes healing, being of service, transmuting energy, anchoring light, or serving as a catalyst for transformation.

In this episode, I propose a new way of doing marketing that does NOT revolve around hustling, endless to-do lists, tricking, high-pressure sales tactics, or creating a false sense of urgency. Instead, as healers, we must think about marketing as making ourselves MAGNETIC to our ideal clients using ethical, aligned, powerful marketing strategies in full integrity with our spiritual values. It’s time to elevate our marketing models and no longer do “business as usual.”

To work with me, you can start by scheduling a discovery call.

Thank you for being here! And please keep doing your inner work. It will serve as a strong foundation for your business as you do your magic in the world.

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