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Inner Work 089: Authentic Branding & Giving Yourself Permission to Show Up (with Sandra Costello)


My guest for this episode, Sandra Costello, is a portrait photographer, branding coach, and joy instigator. Transforming the way women see themselves, Sandra captures natural portraits that are professional yet approachable. She creates a playful, positive environment giving her clients permission to be themselves and to show up authentically and with purpose.

In this episode, we talk about the importance of authentic branding and finding the unique voice and personality of your business. I had the pleasure of working with Sandra on my first branding photo shoot, which was a powerful healing experience that brought up many fears and resistance to the surface. (I share some personal details of that experience throughout.)


You can connect with Sandra in the following ways:

And here’s the interview Sandra did with personal trainer Kelly Coffey (mentioned in the episode):

Thank you for being here, and please keep doing your inner work!

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