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Inner Work 096: Creation of the Faunabelle Tarot Deck with Juanita Benedicto


My guest for this episode, Juanita Benedicto, works full-time as a consulting astrologer and tarot reader in Central Mexico. Her path to astrology has been very colorful. She’s worked in salmon restoration in the streams of Northern California and as a librarian at University of Oregon. She spent four years with nuns in Central Mexico educating girls, building a library, and introducing battered women back to their bodies. She’s lived and worked off the grid at a Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Retreat Center. Today, in addition to her client work, Juanita practices planetary magic and studies horary, a particular branch of astrology.

In this interview, we talk about Juanita’s creation of the Faunabelle Tarot deck, set to launch on Kickstarter in December 2020. 

To connect with Juanita, you can visit 

To learn more about and support the Faunabelle Tarot, go to and Kickstarter Campaign.

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