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Inner Work 100: Gratitude


To celebrate Inner Work’s 100th episode, join me for an interactive gratitude experience. This episode is ALL about gratitude and giving thanks!

We’ll do a guided meditation together to tune into your heart and cultivate loving-kindness within your whole body and outwardly towards your home, community, and the world.

I’ll also give you a set of 7 journaling prompts to go deeper into your gratitude practice (or start one!), as well as 3 gratitude challenges for which you can take action starting today.

The goal of this episode is to move all aspects of yourself – your mind, body, and spirit – towards the expansive experience of feeling gratitude. As Rumi says, we must wear gratitude “like a warm cloak”, for it will fill our lives with warmth, resilience, and peace.

THANK YOU so much to every single listener who has tuned in on a monthly basis, left a rating or review, subscribed to the podcast, and/or recommended the podcast to a good friend. Your presence means the world to me.


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