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Inner Work 101: Ancestral Healing with Lauren McGill (Woman of Rivers)


I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the deeply soulful, compassionate, and knowledgeable Lauren McGill (Woman of Rivers). Lauren is a spiritualist, diviner, and root worker living in New Orleans. In her work as Woman of Rivers, she utilizes the Tarot for insight, growth, and healing as she helps her clients release old patterns and powerfully connect with their ancestors.

To extend the scope of her work, Lauren is currently studying Art Therapy, a practice she intends to integrate with ancestral healing modalities of breathwork and herbal medicine making. 

In this interview, we talk about ancestral healing: what it is, why it’s important, and where you can start. We also chat about Lauren’s healing journey and how water (and fluidity!) has been an essential element in both her business and private life. 

To connect with Lauren, you can tune in to weekly collective Tarot readings via or visit her website for sessions, her spells deck, and conjure work at

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