Inner Work 102: An Inside Look into an Akashic Records Healing Session


For this special episode of Inner Work, I had the privilege of working with a respected friend, Thomas the Hermit, as we journeyed into his Akashic Records and then recorded a debrief of the experience. You will hear Thomas speak about the session candidly – what happened, what we saw and received from the Records, and how the information helped him.

Our conversation provides an inside look into an Akashic Records Healing Session. If you’ve ever wondered how this modality can help you accelerate your healing, overcome dysfunctional patterns, and reconnect to the highest-level version of yourself (i.e., your Higher Self, Soul, Divine Self), this episode will shed some light on all of that. It also provides a case study of how the Akashic Records can be accessed – and the kinds of information that can come through – with the help of a trained reader.

To connect with Thomas and learn more about his Tarot work and brand new deck, you can head over to

To explore an Akashic Records Healing Session for yourself, go here.

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2 thoughts on “Inner Work 102: An Inside Look into an Akashic Records Healing Session”

  1. Thank you again for this experience, Josephine. Who knew then what it would unlock for me? This year is all about release, and I’m excited that things are starting to flow more easily. My new tarot deck is just the beginning!

    1. Josephine Hardman

      I love that, Thomas! I’m so happy to hear that our session has contributed, in whatever way, to making this year easier and more aligned with the “flow.” So excited for your tarot deck and for whatever else you will create this year. It was truly a privilege to get to work together!

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