Inner Work 106: Creating & Selling Your Healing Course or Program (w/ Dr. Alyssa Adams)


Dr. Alyssa Adams is a psychologist turned intuitive business coach. She helps trailblazing entrepreneurs like therapists, healers, and wellness practitioners to build a business as unique as they are. Blending deep intuition with innovative psychology, Alyssa supports her clients in creating a bigger impact, earning more money, and finding more freedom than they ever thought possible.

In this episode, we talk about when and how to expand from 1-on-1 services to offer courses and programs through your business. Alyssa breaks down:

  • why it’s important for service-based providers to make this transition from 1-on-1 work to courses/programs
  • when it’s a good time to expand your business by offering courses/programs
  • how you can create a course that actually sells (and where you get to express your creative genius!)
  • common pitfalls of course creators, especially in the beginning stages of the process

To connect with Alyssa directly or sign up for the next round of Program Potion, head over to

Thank you for being here, and please keep doing your inner work!


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