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Inner Work 108: Emotional Labor (and the Emotional Work of Being a Healer)


What is emotional labor? How do you know when you’re doing it? And what are the costs and consequences associated with that labor?

Join me for an in-depth exploration of emotional labor, what it is, and how to recognize when you’re doing it (and why you’re doing it). In this episode, I offer specific examples of emotional labor across three spaces: at home, in relationships, and in your work as a healer or service-based provider.

As healers, we must engage in particular kinds of emotional labor when we work with clients individually or in group settings. As we run through the different types of emotional labor you might be doing in your life and work, I invite you to notice which of these you tend to engage in the most… and which are most draining for you. What kind of emotional labor are you doing simply out of a sense of obligation, family expectations, or social conditioning? Are you doing emotional labor to please others or avoid conflict? If so, how can you shift that pattern?

In this episode, I announced my Akashic Records Level 1 Training Course. You can explore that here:

Resources on emotional labor:

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