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Inner Work 110: Jung, Depth Psychology, and Sacred Feminism through the Tarot with Mariana Louis


Mariana Louis is a tarot reader, scholar, and writer from New York City. She is the creator of Persephone’s Sister, a platform for spiritual education and magical guidance that blends depth psychology, sacred feminism, and witchcraft. She works both with one-on-one clients as an intuitive reader and leads community seminars and circles for soulful deepening and learning. Mariana loves the poetry of Rilke, the music of Hildegard von Bingen, and the sweetness of her husband and kitty familiars.

In this interview, we talk about:

– how Jung’s work can help you explore undiscovered aspects of yourself

– the tarot as a tool to reconnect with the God/Goddess within

– integrating the divine & the mundane in your daily life

– how to recognize when you’re disconnected from the energy of the sacred feminine (and steps to reawaken that connection)

– clearing up misconceptions about shadow work and doing it responsibly and ethically

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