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Inner Work 117: The Symptoms of Spiritual Ascension


Spiritual ascension is often talked about as a concept and experience in the spiritual community. There are many different definitions of what “ascension” means, and we each have unique experiences as we evolve and ascend spiritually.

In this episode of Inner Work, I explore:

  • how we can define spiritual ascension
  • what happens at a physical and cellular level when you “ascend” spiritually
  • the benefits and positive transformations that arise out of spiritual ascension
  • some of the potential physical symptoms of ascension, and how you can best deal with them
  • the importance of taking ownership of your healing

Above all, if you’re experiencing spiritual growth and ascension symptoms, please know you’re not alone, you’re not crazy, and it’s ok to take care of yourself right now.

Thank you for tuning in!


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