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Inner Work 118: Transformational Breath with Mary O’Dwyer, PhD


Mary O’Dwyer holds a PhD in food science and is a certified Transformational Breath facilitator. She helps her clients heal emotional traumas and release limiting beliefs, which then allows them to move forward in life with renewed conviction, direction, and purpose.

In this interview, we talk about:

  • how Mary’s Catholic upbringing informed her behavior and self-perception (and how she shifted from being “religious” to being “spiritual”)
  • how Mary realized that despite many external achievements, her life was not fulfilling her – and what she did to transform that
  • the process through which Mary learned to open her heart and become vulnerable
  • what Transformational Breath is and how it can help you release trauma and heal
  • the importance of moving beyond “talking” to heal at a somatic and spiritual level

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