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Inner Work 119: The Healing Power of Dreams with Dream-Time Coach Tyrone

Tyrone is a dream-time coach and creator of The Activated Dreamer Workshop and Masterclass. In the past, Tyrone was a stuntman, co-founder of a non-profit art therapy program, and founder of a mindfulness app. His background is in energy medicine, mindfulness, yoga, meditation, and shamanism.
He teaches students around the world to use their dreams as a healing modality and transformational tool, so they can tap into their inner source of wisdom and guidance.
In this conversation, we talk about:
  • Tyrone’s early fascination with dreams and how he discovered their healing potential 
  • the importance of developing your own system or approach of dream interpretation (without automatically turning to books or other sources of dream interpretation)
  • what anxiety dreams and nightmares are trying to communicate to you
  • the possibility of traveling to the astral plane through your dreams
  • the practice of lucid dreaming – and some techniques to get started

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