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Inner Work 120: The Tarot Cups, Pt. 1. Your Relationships with the Divine, Yourself, and Other People


Due to overwhelming demand following my series on the Tarot Swords, I’m happy to present this four-part series on another Tarot suit: the Cups.

In this first installment of four episodes, I lay the groundwork for taking you through a deeper, psychospiritual understanding of the suit of Cups. Join me for a discussion of:

– the suit of Cups as representing a primarily feminine energy (in contrast, particularly, to the very phallic suit of Swords)

– how the suit of Cups challenges us to embody the energies of surrendering, flexibility, flow, and receptivity

– the Ace of Cups as a card of total Divine connection and spiritual solace

– the 2 of Cups as a card for healing dysfunctional relationship patterns, especially unequal power dynamics in romantic relationships

– the 3 of Cups as a card that challenges us to overcome interpersonal trauma so we can celebrate ourselves and each other, particularly in the context of female friendship

I’ll be referring to the Rider Waite Smith deck if you want to follow along with the imagery and specific details on the cards.

If you want to work with the Tarot intuitively for personal healing and growth, join me for my free monthly Tarot challenges on Instagram. Details are on my account:

Please write to if you have feedback, questions, or topic suggestions for a future episode. Thank you so much for tuning in!


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