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Inner Work 121: The Tarot Cups, Pt. 2. Releasing Apathy and Grief + Healing Your Relationship to the Past


This is part two in a four-part series on the Tarot suit of Cups. (I highly recommend listening to episode 1 first and then returning to this one, if you haven’t already! The episodes build on each other in some ways.)

In this installment, join me for an exploration of:

  • the 4 of Cups as a card of apathy, restlessness, and boredom – and how to shift out of this state to receive help and inspiration from the Universe
  • the consequences of forgetting to “look up” to the heavens and getting caught up in day-to-day life
  • the 5 of Cups as a card of deep, sometimes paralyzing grief and disconnection from Spirit
  • the 6 of Cups as a card of nostalgia – and how that sense of longing for (or idealizing) the past can sometimes prevent us from being present now
  • the healing power of laying the past to rest

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