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Inner Work 122: The Tarot Cups, Pt. 3. Intentional Co-Creation, Seeking Deeper Fulfillment, and Your Own Definition of Happiness


Welcome to the third episode in my four-part series on the Tarot suit of Cups. This installment covers the 7, 8, 9, and 10 of Cups, focusing on:

– the 7 of Cups as a card of new possibilities (and both the excitement and paralysis that can arise from having to choose a path)

– a cup-by-cup interpretation of the 7 cups (what they each mean)

– the 8 of Cups as a card of outgrowing established relationships, career, hobbies, habits, and lifestyle

– the 9 of Cups and the importance of releasing guilt and feelings of selfishness for doing well and manifesting abundance for yourself

– the 10 of Cups as a fairytale ending card, but inviting you to define your own version of happiness

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