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Inner Work 123: The Tarot Cups, Pt. 4. Page, Knight, Queen, and King of Cups


This is the final episode in my four-part series on the Tarot suit of Cups. Join me for a conversation on:

– learning how to reclaim your intuition and dance to your own rhythm with the Page of Cups 

– the Knight of Cups as encouraging you to fall in love with life (or a person!) again, but without idealizing people or relationships

– learning how to be highly sensitive and maintain a sense of emotional stability with the Queen of Cups

– the King of Cups as a card of emotional intelligence, wisdom, and being mindful about overindulgence


To request episodes on the Tarot suits of Wands and Pentacles (which I haven’t covered yet), please write to and let me know you’d be interested!

Some resources I mentioned during this episode:

Podcast episode 114: The Sword Court Cards (with a general introduction to the court cards)

Abraham Hicks on using your emotions as a guidance system:

Thank you so much for tuning in and supporting the podcast!


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