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Inner Work 127: A Deep Dive into Shadow Work


What is shadow work? And how can you do it responsibly and effectively?

This episode of Inner Work explores the shadow as a “dark aspect of the personality”, in the words of Carl Jung. Your shadows are aspects of yourself that, for whatever reason, you’ve deemed as unacceptable or shameful. And so you repress these aspects into the subconscious. However, your unexamined and un-integrated shadows will continue to make themselves known and influence your behavior in one way or another.

So, this episode addresses:

  • what is shadow work?
  • secondary and primary shadow archetypes (which do you recognize in yourself?)
  • key principles and suggestions to make your shadow work as effective and transformative as possible
  • how to avoid spiritual bypassing when doing shadow work
  • a 4-step method for doing shadow work as an ongoing practice in your life


Here’s the blog post where I outline my 4-step shadow work method, in case you want to refer to that:

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Thank you for tuning in! Please take kind and compassionate care of yourself — and your shadows.


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