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Inner Work 129: Shifting from the ego paradigm to the Akashic paradigm


How do the Akashic Records work, and how can you access them? What are the Akashic Records made of? Where are they located? What is the Akashic Field?

To answer such questions, this episode of Inner Work takes you into the research of Ervin Laszlo, a Hungarian philosopher and systems theorist who has written extensively about the Akashic Field (or A-field).

I cover the 3 immutable laws that govern the Akashic Field, and how those laws can be applied in your daily life to reach higher levels of consciousness and evolution.

This then leads into a discussion about what it means to shift from an ego-based paradigm to an Akashic paradigm of living and being.

I quote from Laszlo’s book The Immutable Laws of the Akashic Field throughout this episode.

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