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Inner Work 137: No-Bullshit Spirituality and Intuitive Development with Dr. Ricci-Jane Adams


My special guest for this episode is Dr. Ricci-Jane Adams. She is the principal of the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence®, a world-class, global, professional intuition training school. She trains exceptional spiritual people to become socially conscious leaders and profound mystics.

Ricci-Jane has authored the bestselling book Spiritually Fierce, as well as Intuitive Intelligence Training and Superconscious Intuition. She has a doctorate in magical realism from the University of Melbourne and has spent over 25 years devoted to her spiritual awakening. 

In our interview, Dr. Adams shares her no-bullshit approach to spirituality. We talk about integrity on the spiritual path, how to avoid spiritual bypassing, and how she helps people develop their superconscious intuition.

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