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Inner Work 140: Outgrowing Your Job, Career, or Business


What do you do if you outgrow your job, career, profession, or business? What happens if you discover that your work, or certain ways of working, are no longer aligned with you?

Join me for a discussion on this common experience of outgrowing your work or business as you continue awakening. In this episode, I talk about:

  • the health challenges that have moved me to recognize the ways in which I’ve outgrown my spiritual business and past ways of working
  • the importance of allowing your old identity to die to make space for the new to emerge
  • being curious and truthful with yourself as you explore new possibilities for work, career, or business
  • recognizing any unhelpful roles or identities you’ve taken on at work (like being the Helper, the Fixer, the Overachiever, etc), and releasing them

I also share a quick sneak preview about my upcoming course on discovering and living your true life purpose.

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