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Inner Work 145: Can we use substances mindfully on the spiritual path?


In this episode of INNER WORK, I explore whether it’s possible to remain on the spiritual path – and continue evolving – while using substances such as alcohol and drugs.

Join me for a discussion on:

  • can alcohol use be compatible with the spiritual path?
  • the importance of identifying our intentions and motivations for using substances
  • how to notice if a particular substance or behavior is hindering your growth
  • being mindful of how we’re bonding with others, especially if some of our relationships are built mostly on substance use

Towards the end of this episode, I asked my husband and lifelong spiritual seeker Garrett to chime in with his first-hand experience of psychedelics and “tripping” (since I have none!).

I extend my deepest gratitude to Kris for writing in and sparking this episode! Your openness and vulnerability in sharing have served all of us.

IMPORTANT NOTE: everything in this episode is based on my personal experience, opinions, and observations as an intuitive healer. I’m not an addiction specialist or mental health counselor. Please use your common sense and intuition about what’s best for you, and seek professional help if needed.

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Thank you for being here, and please keep doing your inner work!


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