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Inner Work 147: Navigating the Complexities of Family in the Human Dimension


How can you navigate the complexities of having a family in the human dimension? In this episode of INNER WORK, I respond to a listener email on this topic. Join me for a discussion of:

  • the complexities of family dynamics in our human dimension
  • dispelling myths and delusions about family from the 3D reality, such as the myths that blood is thicker than water and that you owe your family or parents your life
  • how to deal with feelings of guilt, burden, or obligation towards your family
  • what it can feel like to be a Starseed or interplanetary soul in a family of (mostly) Earth-based souls
  • giving yourself permission to create a family or tribe outside your family of origin

Thank you to Jodie for writing in with this thought-provoking question, and for allowing me to share her words on the air.

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Thank you for tuning in and doing your inner work! May you find connection, support, and love in people who truly resonate with you and appreciate who you are.


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