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Inner Work 151: Conscious Manifestation (and Trusting in Your Own Power)


You have likely manifested many things while you were asleep – both wonderful, joyful things and sometimes things that were not so pleasant, or that you didn’t actually want.

This episode focuses on how to manifest your desires – for particular experiences, relationships, money, health, aligned work – once you’re spiritually awake.

I answer a listener’s email on this topic, and cover these discussion points:

  • how you can get tripped up once you believe in your own power of manifestation
  • how your ego self might derail your manifestations through over-thinking, analysis paralysis, or self-doubt
  • what to do if you’re questioning/over-analyzing whether your desires are coming from your ego or Soul

Thank you to Katherine for writing in and bringing up these important issues!

To deepen your healing and inner work – while supporting this podcast – you can purchase any of my Resources for Self-Healing here:

Thank you for showing up, spending this time with me, and for doing your inner work to release ANY blocks to abundance and growth! We all benefit when you do this.


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