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Inner Work 152: Why the Trauma Response is Never Wrong with MaryCatherine McDonald, PhD


My guest for this episode is MaryCatherine McDonald, a research professor and life coach who specializes in the psychology and philosophy of trauma. She has been researching, lecturing, and publishing on the neuroscience, psychology, and lived experience of trauma since completing her PhD in 2016. 

While engaging with trauma academically, MaryCatherine experienced the loss of her parents – a significant event that required her to apply her knowledge and insights regarding trauma to herself.

In this interview, we talk about the important ways in which MaryCatherine believes we must re-define trauma and our approach for healing it. I (Josephine) share a bit of my immigration trauma story, and MaryCatherine helps me better understand my own healing process.

MaryCatherine’s new book, Unbroken: The Trauma Response is Never Wrong has just been published by Sounds True.

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