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Inner Work 156: The Outsider’s Journey


Have you ever felt or identified as an outsider, outcast, black sheep, alien, or non-comformist? Do you have any wounds related to being rejected, excluded, left out, or feeling unwelcome or like you just don’t belong? This episode is for you.

We’ll dive deeply into the outsider archetype:

  • how can we define this archetype?
  • what does it mean to be an outsider?
  • outsider examples from literature and pop culture
  • my personal anecdote of feeling like (and being) an outsider
  • the potential wounds you might be carrying (such as the wound of rejection or the wound of exclusion)
  • fully activating the gifts and powers that come with being an outsider

I’ve created a guided healing journey to go along with this episode, which you can access here:

Thank you for tuning in and for daring to be different! The world needs your clear vision, unique gifts, and ability to see and speak the truth.

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