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Inner Work 159: Impostor Syndrome and the Fear of Being Seen


Impostor syndrome is a spiritual and psychological phenomenon where you believe that you are a fraud or not good enough. You live in fear that other people are eventually going to discover this about you.

Impostor syndrome can be really heavy to carry, as it lowers your self-esteem and interferes with your ability to follow your Soul’s higher calling – because you don’t believe you’re worthy or good enough.

Here are some other ways in which impostor syndrome can affect you:

  • makes you feel like a fraud; like others are going to discover this and you’ll be exposed as unworthy
  • makes you second-guess and doubt yourself
  • makes you undervalue, minimize, and diminish your natural gifts and life experience
  • keeps you on edge and hypervigilant around other people, especially when you feel you’re being watched or have to “perform” in some way
  • creates self-sabotage, inner conflict, and stuckness when you try to expand or go beyond your comfort zone
  • stifles your creativity

In this episode of INNER WORK, we’ll explore what impostor syndrome really is and how you can begin to soften it.

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Thank you for being here! Even though you might not believe me, I’ll say it again – you ARE the real deal, you are worthy, and you deserve goodness. Please allow your brilliance to shine through.


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