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Inner Work 161: 4 Keys for Accessing the Akashic Records


This episode offers you another deep dive into the Akashic Records. We’ll cover:

  • how the Akashic Records are not just another spiritual tool or modality, but a portal into a state of being 
  • how the Akashic Records – and learning how to work with them – can help you heal and sustain a frequency of love, self-compassion, abundance, peace, and clarity in your life
  • 4 keys for effectively accessing the Akashic Records and receiving information
  • how your mindset and energetic frequency are the MOST important elements of working with the Akashic Records… much more than the particular method, words, prayer, or ritual you use to open them

I also mention the 3 major ways of working with the Akashic Records with me:

Guided Healing Journey into the Akashic Records

Akashic Records Level 1 Training

Akashic Records Certification Program

To connect, you can also send a note to

Thank you for being here and for opening yourself to these ideas! I’m sending you lots of love and support on the journey.


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