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Inner Work 162: Stop using the past to victimize yourself (with personal story of school bullying)


Are you using the past to victimize yourself? 

Do you often repeat stories like, “if my parents had done (or not done) XYZ when I was growing up, I would be so much better off today…” or “because I was cheated on 5 years ago, I can’t trust men now…” or “if I had gone to school 20 years ago, my life would be better now…”?

These are stories where we use the past – and whatever happened – to victimize and limit ourselves, unconsciously, in the present.

In this episode, I share a story of school bullying from my past and how I’ve used that story to justify my lack of trust in women as an adult. It’s a vulnerable episode!

We’ll also talk about how to start detaching from these limiting stories so you can be free, happy, and at peace NOW. (Which is the only thing that really matters.)

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