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Inner Work 164: Loving your body through sickness, aging, and other changes


What’s your relationship with your body? Are you honoring, caring for, and embracing where your body is right now? Or do you feel at odds with your body, struggling against it, trying to override its needs?

This episode of INNER WORK is all about developing a healthier, more loving, more compassionate relationship with your body – wherever it is right now. This can be challenging when our bodies are sick, uncomfortable, aging, not feeling well, or have undergone some other changes.

Your body is, ultimately, the sacred home for your Soul in this lifetime. The more you can cherish it, the more peace and well-being you’ll create in your life.

Join me as I discuss:

  • my own recent experience of illness, which inspired this episode
  • how to be more comfortable with physical (or emotional) discomfort
  • how to do Somatic Tracking to find relief from physical pain, discomfort, or other symptoms
  • how to speak to your body in a more nourishing, loving way

Thank you for being here and spending this time with me.

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