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Inner Work 166: How are you responding to the world?


How are you responding to the world around you, and to the things that happen in your life? What are your default, knee-jerk reactions when something unexpected, unpleasant, or challenging happens?

This episode of INNER WORK will help you investigate your unconscious and automatic responses to life, where they originate, and how you can begin to soften them. I cover:

  • 5 unconscious ways of responding to life: being constantly jumpy or nervous (i.e., hypervigilance), internalizing, externalizing, freezing up, and hyperproductivity
  • why and how these types of responses are developed in the first place
  • how these unconscious responses are meant to protect us (even if they are misguided)
  • my own struggles with hyperproductivity – and what I do to return to a place of calm, conscious awareness

If this topic resonates and you want more resources, please check out my interviews with Somatic Experiencing practitioner Rachel Hardy and trauma expert MaryCatherine McDonald:

Why the Trauma Response is Never Wrong with MaryCatherine McDonald, PhD

Healing Trauma & Nervous System Regulation with Rachel Hardy 

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Thank you for being here, and please keep doing your inner work! The more evolved and awake you are, the more we ALL benefit (the Law of Interconnectedness).

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