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Inner Work 167: Develop a working relationship with fear (and stress, anxiety, discomfort, worry, etc.)


“The ability to process anxiety in a healthy way is critical to maintaining your quality of life. Anxiety is a reflection of your body chemistry changes when you are in an arousal state. Anxiety is both normal and necessary – it will never disappear. The harder you try to suppress anxiety, the stronger it will become. Thus, avoiding anxiety becomes its own stressor.” – Dr. David Hanscom

With this episode of INNER WORK, I seek to normalize fear, anxiety, and discomfort as natural parts of our human experience.

Rather than trying to get rid of, fix, run away from, or ignore any of these normal human sensations and experiences, I will guide you in developing a “working relationship” with them – so you can live a joyful, free, abundant life while peacefully accepting the presence of these inevitable emotions (when they show up… because they will).

As an example, I share how I’ve developed a “working relationship” with imposter syndrome, in my own life and business.

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