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Inner Work 172: How the Akashic Records can help you get out of victimhood


Being in a state of victimhood is NOT FUN. It can be extremely challenging, painful, and difficult to get out of — especially since it’s an unconscious state of being.

By virtue of living in a human family, society, and culture, we’re often conditioned or taught (unconsciously) to use victimhood to bond with others, to get sympathy or care, or to lower others’ expectations of us.

In this episode of Inner Work, I talk in depth about what victimhood really is, how and why we might get stuck in it, and how to identify when you’re operating from a state of victimhood in your life.

I also share ways in which the Akashic Records can powerfully help you shift out of victimhood and claim your full power, self-worth, and energy.

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