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Inner Work 173: Shatter the lies and illusions of your ego


Your ego self is the façade of yourself you have unconsciously and inevitably created as a consequence of living in a society, in a family, in a particular human culture.

This ego self is a protective construct; a version of ourselves we create in order to blend in, to be accepted by others, to be liked, to be seen as worthy or valuable… and most of all, to not stand out or be kicked out of the tribe.

Your ego is, therefore, concerned with your survival and with how you come across to others. Above everything else.

Join me for a discussion of:

  • how your ego self gets created
  • how the agendas and concerns of your ego often clash with the higher-level purpose and desires of your Soul
  • the ego’s tactics for keeping you “safe”
  • how your ego feeds you lies and illusions… and how to start shattering them (to get your ego out of the way)

Thank you for being here and for continuing to do your inner work! It’s not always easy, so I commend you for being committed to your healing and growth.

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