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Inner Work 174: Manifestation through the Akashic Records


Did you know that, in addition to offering us divine guidance, healing, and wisdom, the Akashic Records can serve as a potent tool of manifestation?

In this episode of Inner Work, I teach you some ways to harness the power of the Akashic Records to manifest your highest desires (in alignment with your authentic self, and for the highest good of all concerned.)

Join me for a discussion of:

  • a listener question about using the Akashic Records for manifestation
  • why the Records are NOT a predictive or fortune-telling tool (and how to use them instead)
  • 2 specific practices for manifesting through the Akashic Records
  • troubleshooting guide for when your manifestations aren’t showing up… yet

Thank you to Nanda for submitting this thought-provoking question! 

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I lovingly appreciate your presence here, your willingness to heal, and your deep curiosity and spiritual openness. Thank you for stopping by to spend this time with me.


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