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Inner Work 175: You can be spiritual and…


Welcome to another episode of INNER WORK! 

In this one, I dispel some myths and misconceptions about what it means to be spiritual, and what is required of us as spiritual and evolved beings.

I also invite you to challenge some limited beliefs we might have internalized from the mainstream spiritual community.

I address topics such as:

  • you can be spiritual and… make a lot of money (so you can be a conscious steward of abundance and help humanity evolve through your contributions)
  • you can be spiritual and… set firm boundaries with people (only YOU get to choose who and what is allowed into your life and energy field)
  • you can be spiritual and… feel human emotions like sadness, anger, resentment, grief (they will NOT derail your manifestations, if you allow yourself to feel them without judgment)
  • you can be spiritual and… ENJOY earthly pleasures and experiences

Thank you for being here and for continuing to work on your evolution. It makes a difference!

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