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Inner Work 176: To the Healers, Changemakers, and Conscious Leaders of the Spiritual Industry


This episode of INNER WORK is going out to my fellow healers, coaches, and spiritual practitioners — you are the changemakers, the transformational agents, the wayshowers. You lead with your Light… and your sacred work is truly needed today.

Join me for a deep discussion on:

  • why I believe (humbly and not so humbly!) that your work as a healer can change the world
  • the huge impact you’re here to create… and why it’s important to continue healing yourself so you can serve others at your highest level
  • a few recent “shadowy” trends in the spiritual industry… and how we can help turn the tide and bring greater integrity, depth, and conscious leadership into this industry
  • the qualities that set you apart as a healer and transformational agent

Thank you for being here and for upholding such high standards for your spiritual work, both personally and professionally. It means a LOT!

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