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Inner Work 178: Why inner work is critical for healers, changemakers, and activists


How do we reconcile an injustice that we observe in the outside world with our deep spiritual knowledge that ultimately there is a divine order at play… and that the reality we’re experiencing now is a temporary figment (or illusion) that we’re all creating together?

Are we meant to take immediate action when we observe a pain or injustice in the world? Are we meant to work on ourselves internally first, and/or WHILE we are taking action to correct these injustices?

These are some of the complex questions I’m addressing in this episode of Inner Work, after receiving a thoughtful email from a listener.

Join me for a discussion of:

  • why inner work is so critical for healers, changemakers, and activists 
  • how to align yourself with your deepest purpose and understand the role you’re meant to play in this lifetime
  • specific questions to ask yourself to get a clearer sense of where and how your gifts are most needed
  • how to connect to your intuition to know when you must take immediate action (to correct an injustice) and when you must move into acceptance or letting go

Thank you to Dana for writing in with this important topic.

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Thank you for continuing to do your inner work so you can evolve, heal, grow, and show up in the world at your highest level. It matters!


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