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Inner Work 179: The Akashic Records as a Healing Modality (and Way of Life)


In this episode of INNER WORK, I explore the distinct advantages of using the Akashic Records as a healing modality in your coaching, spiritual, or healing business.

Join me for a discussion of:

  • what makes the Akashic Records different from other spiritual tools and modalities 
  • how we can use the Akashic Records for quantum healing, insights, and transformation
  • how the Records can help you clear your own “stuff” (fear, resistance, self-doubt, other unhelpful patterns) so you can powerfully show up to serve your clients
  • how the Records can help you expand your healing business in aligned, ethical, effective ways

I also answer a question posed by my certification student Leah, about how karma works within the context of the Akashic Records. Stay tuned for my answer towards the end of the episode!

To get the details for my 3-Day Akashic Records Intensive coming up April 2024, please email

Thank you for tuning in, and please keep doing your inner work! It makes a difference.


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