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Inner Work 181: Reaching for the Higher Truth (with spiritual practice)


This episode of INNER WORK is about the spiritual, life-changing practice of reaching for the Higher Truth — in any situation.

This is a practice I teach in many of my programs, because it’s so powerful at cutting through the inner and outer noise that we sometimes get bogged down in.

Previously on this podcast, I’ve talked about the LIES and illusions we often buy into as humans. The lies and illusions of the 3D human dimension, which are also sometimes the illusions we inherit through our human family lineage and also through the collective consciousness of this particular planet, and of the society and culture we each grow up in.

The practice of reaching for the Higher Truth — which requires active work on our part — is about seeing those illusions for what they are, shattering them, and re-aligning ourselves with Divine Knowing.

In this episode, I explain how to work with this practice and walk you through a series of potent examples of Higher Truth (while helping you connect fully to that Truth, if it resonates with you).

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