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Inner Work 182: The Life-Changing Magic of No Longer Hiding Your Gifts


Are you fully owning, claiming, and sharing your gifts with the world… and stepping fully into your DIVINE GREATNESS?

This episode of Inner Work is about the life-changing magic of no longer hiding your gifts, and the incredible things that can happen (that you can create!) once you fully align with your Soul’s highest purpose and follow the calling of your Higher Self.

Without playing small.

Without minimizing, discounting, or undervaluing yourself.

Without feeling like you need to prove yourself to others.

Without shrinking to make others around you feel more “comfortable”.

Join me for a discussion of:

  • what might hold you back from fully claiming and sharing your gifts
  • what can happen once you truly open yourself to embody your Divine greatness and brilliance
  • how the Universe steps in to support you when you begin taking BOLD action towards your purpose
  • personal story: the moment I realized it was time to leave my academic career, and how I dealt with the fear and uncertainty that came up
  • how to call for assistance from your Guides and Spirit Team as you become more aligned with your gifts and purpose

Thank you for tuning in and spending this time with me! 

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