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Inner Work 183: How to deliver transformative Akashic Record readings (with pro tips)


This episode of INNER WORK guides you through expert tips on how to deliver genuinely transformative, healing, and powerful Akashic Record readings to your clients… whether you’re working as a healer, coach, or spiritual practitioner.

These pro tips are based on almost a decade of client experience, plus two decades of working with the Akashic Records in my own life and healing journey.

You’ll walk away with an understanding of:

  • the importance of continuing to do YOUR inner work as a healer or Akashic Records practitioner
  • setting your energetic frequency as a healer
  • why it’s so important to not over-stuff your readings (and suggestions for how to avoid this)
  • some of the fears that could be fueling a pattern to over-give in your readings or client work
  • why I highly recommend focusing on ONE question or issue at time while in the Records
  • how to make your readings as helpful, memorable, impactful, and transformative as possible

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