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Inner Work 184: Increasing Your Tolerance for Uncertainty


How comfortable are you with uncertainty, like when you don’t know how something is going to turn out?

When you have to wait to find out the outcome of something in your life? Or when you set out on an unknown path, without being able to see where it’s going to lead you?

Many of us have a limited tolerance for uncertainty. We might experience uncertainty as a threat, as something we need to fix or avoid at all costs.

For me, uncertainty and being in a state of not knowing have often felt deeply uncomfortable (along with some other anxiety patterns I’ve experienced in this lifetime).

We’re all on a continuum of how much uncertainty we can tolerate before we start experiencing inner tension, discomfort, and stress. (Along with a strong need to resolve the uncertainty.)

If you’re like me, you might have an inner part of you who we might call the “reassurance seeker.”

This is the part of us that doesn’t know how to sit with uncertainty, that wants to know everything in advance, that might over-prepare for things and/or seek reassurance or validation from others.

This episode of INNER WORK was created for this part of you — the reassurance seeker. We’ll help this part of you feel seen, validated, soothed, and NOT ALONE.

You’ll walk away with:

  • an understanding of what fuels reassurance-seeking patterns and behaviors (and what those behaviors often look like)
  • clarity on whether you’re currently in a “reassurance-seeking trap”
  • a powerful shift in perspective that will help you get more comfortable with uncertainty
  • ideas for how you can USE uncertainty as a spiritual teacher in your life

The book mentioned in this episode is Needing to Know for Sure by Martin Seif and Sally Winston.

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