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Inner Work 185: What’s required to align with your Soul’s purpose, part 1


This two-episode series of INNER WORK walks you through 6 “big ideas” about what’s required to come into greater alignment with your Soul’s highest purpose.

In part one, join me for a discussion of:

  • getting deeper into alignment with your purpose to raise consciousness on this planet
  • what you must RELEASE to fully align with and live your highest purpose
  • how you can take inventory of where you currently are, and more clearly know and understand your purpose
  • why surrendering and taking a leap of faith are key aspects of aligning with your purpose
  • releasing attachments to your old identity
  • carving out your own unique, purpose-driven, Soul-led path 

Make sure to come back for part two of this mini series (ep 186)!

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Thank you for being here and for being willing to do your inner work. It matters!


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