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Inner Work 187: How the Akashic Records can help you heal and manifest your desires, part 1


The Akashic Records are a potent and versatile tool for healing, expansion, inner and outer transformation, and for creating and manifesting the life and reality you want to experience.

In this mini series, we’ll explore the Records as a field of higher consciousness beyond the human/egoic dimension, and how tapping into the Akasha enables you to connect directly to Divine Source and to your inner divinity and inner knowing.

Every time you journey into the Records, you come back home to yourself – to your essential, loving, wise, powerful, authentic state… which is who you really are.

Join me in part one for a discussion of:

  • how the Akashic Records can help you do REPAIR WORK (and what repair work is)
  • how you can shed “human density” (including egoic attachments, dysfunctional patterns, coping mechanisms, defense mechanisms, limiting beliefs, old conditioning that doesn’t serve you, etc) by actively spending time in the Akashic field
  • how the Records can help you transmute and release any energetic debris you’ve picked up by living in a human body
  • the Akashic Records as a tool for psychospiritual growth and expansion
  • how the Records can support you in raising your frequency and upgrading all of your systems – including your energy system, nervous system, physical body, emotional system and capacity for emotional regulation
  • fully activating your intuitive and multidimensional abilities through the Records


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Thank you for being here and for being willing to do your inner work. It matters!


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